Inspection of Hand Luggage

All the plants (and/or plant products), whether big or small or even a bit in quantity, must be cleared by plant quarantine when you bring them into our country.

Inspection procedure of hand luggage
A wide range of plants are subject to import inspection. They are, for example, seeds, nursery stocks (including scions) and flower bulbs, cut-flowers, fruits and vegetables, cereal grains, beans and legumes, spices, medicinal plants, dried flowers, timber, folkcraft made of plant material, etc.
You cannot take your plants into our country if they are found to be prohibited items or contaminated with quarantine pests. When disinfection treatment is available to your plants, you may be able to receive them after the disinfection is finished.
Please remind that you must declare your plants to the plant quarantine counter before you proceed to the customs inspection.
If you have the phytosanitary certificate (or tag) issued for your plants by the plant protection service of the exporting country, be sure to present it together with your plants.
'Official Certified Seal of Inspection' will be issued to your plants when they have passed the inspection.
Inspection method
  1. Inspection is made to check whether your plants are prohibited entry or contaminated with quarantine pests.
  2. If quarantine pest is found on your plants, disinfection treatment is given wherever possible. Several days are required before you can reclaim your plants in such a case.
  3. Flower bulbs and tree fruit nursery stocks etc. are subject to post-entry quarantine inspection under the custody of the Plant Protection Station. Usually, it takes the minimum of one year (or one growing season) before the cleared plants are released to the importer.

Small amount of flower bulbs which is less than 100 per one variety can be exempted from post-entry quarantine when you bring them to grow strictly for your personal pleasure. This exemption, however, shall not be applied to professional nursery growers.

Inspection site
Inspection is usually carried out at the plant quarantine counter in the customs clearance area of the airport.
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