Articles subject to import inspection

All the plant articles other than the prohibited items are subject to plant quarantine inspection. You can bring them into Japan if they pass the import quarantine inspection.

Articles subject to import inspection

This category involves an extremely wide range of plants (and/or plant product) such as seeds, nursery stocks (including scions) and flower bulbs, cut-flowers, fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, beans and legumes, dried flowers, timber (excluding sawn timber), spices, medicinal plants, folkcraft made of plant material, etc.

When no quarantine pest is detected by import inspection, your plants will be immediately passed for entry. If any quarantine pest is discovered, your plants will be passed for entry only after the completion of the disinfection treatment available.

Hand Luggage
Plant materials carried by hand luggage are inspected at the plant quarantine counter of seaports or airports prior to the customs clearance procedure. When your plants are sent separately by unaccompanied luggage, your customs agent will have them inspected later at the Plant Protection Station.
Inspection of Hand Luggage
Foreign Mail
Plant articles contained in foreign mails are inspected at the Customs Post Offices. 'Official Certified Seal of Inspection' will be put on the package to indicate the clearance of plant quarantine inspection.
Inspection of Foreign Mail
International Courier Service

Taking advantage of the fast door-to-door delivery, international courier service is used extensively among the people in recent years. Plants or plant products carried by this service are regarded and handled as air cargo shipments. Refer to Cargo for details.

When you carry plants in your baggage or hand luggage, you are requested to declare to the plant quarantine counter in the customs clearance area of the port of entry. If you have phytosanitary certificate (or tag) for your plants issued by the plant protection service of exporting country, present it to the plant quarantine officer together with the plants.
Inspection Method
Your plants will be inspected to confirm whether they are prohibited items or contaminated with any quarantine pests. If any pest is found on your plants, it may take a few days before you can receive your plants after the completion of the disinfection treatment.
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