Articles prohibited entry into Japan
In order to prevent introduction of hazardous plant pests and diseases which are not present in Japan, certain kinds of plants (and/or plant products) are prohibited entry by the Plant Quarantine Law.
Entry Prohibited Articles

Some of the quarantine pests have a high risk of generating great economic losses to our agricultural production if they invade Japan. When they are technically difficult to intercept by the point-of-entry inspection and no practical control measures are available to combat them, there will be no means to prevent their introduction other than banning entry of the plants which can be the host of these pests. For these reasons, the importation of certain kinds of plants is prohibited by the Law.
Dried plants or crudely processed plants may be prohibited depending on the species of the pest in question. You should also be careful that the plant products being sold at overseas duty-free shops may be refused entry.
In addition, articles such as quarantine pests, parasitic plants, soil or plants attached with soil are prohibited entry.

Plants subject to growing site inspection in exporting countries

For some quarantine pests which are technically difficult to detect at the point-of-entry inspection, the host plants are required to undergo phytosanitary inspection in the field during the growing period in exporting countries. The plants subject to this restriction will NOT be allowed entry if not accompanied with due certification to testify that they have undergone growing site inspection in the exporting country.

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